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This podcast gives Dr. Jose Colon an opportunity to discuss what he knows best: sleep medicine. He describes:

  • The diverse forms of sleep challenges facing us.
  • How the new technology of home-sleep study machines work and whether they come close to sleep facility studies.
  • Why sleep issues are so important, from the ability to address sleep health benefits like relief from ADHD to our own general wellness.

Triple board-certified author Dr. Jose Colon discusses his academic discovery of sleep medicine and uses his daily exposure to sleep science to answer issues many of us face. He details various sleep disorders treatment from C-Pap machines to oral devices. He explains when they are or are not interchangeable or even if they can be used together.

Dr. Colon works in sleep medicine for adults and children, integrating a holistic approach that combines medicine-free techniques, including meditation and mindfulness, alongside science-based treatments. When he found himself repeating the same ideas, he decided a book would be helpful and wrote Sleep Diet: A Novel Approach to Insomnia for adults and The Magic Ice Cream Palace for kids. In the podcast, he describes issues he frequently treats like obstructive sleep apnea and also less common but equally detrimental disorders like narcolepsy that affect our sleep health benefits. 

He offers his expert opinion on common sleep disorders treatments and details his own practice with an oral appliance he’s used for years for his own sleep issues. Finally, Dr. Colon talks about the near-future in ways to access sleep health benefits such as making C-Pap machines more usable as well as a pacemaker-like implant to treat sleep apnea. 

For any next steps, he recommends reaching out to your primary care physician but also suggests searching for a locally accredited sleep center.

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