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In this podcast, Dr. Theodore Belfor, dental expert, provides an overview on airway issues, snoring causes and effect, and the future of treatment. Dr. Belfor earned his degree from the New York University School of Medicine, and he specializes in General Dentistry.

Dr. Belfor talks about the many and various airway issues, from the common stuffy nose to airway issues of a more serious nature. Dr. Belfor discusses chronic rhinosinusitis, an extremely common problem that nags many Americans yearly. Chronic rhinosinusitis is defined by the observation of at minimum two of four symptoms, from facial pain and/or pressure, to hyposmia/anosmia, and/or nasal drainage or nasal obstruction, for at least—12 weeks in a row.

Dr. Belfor explains how the cilia hairs in our noses, along with abundant mucus, can trap the bacteria within. When our sinus systems are working as they should, these bacteria can be neutralized; however, when chronic rhinosinusitis takes place, there is a sort of broken link in the body’s chain of defense. When this occurs, our bodies go into a typical series of defenses that can include swelling and inflammation.

Dr. Belfor provides an analysis of the purpose of nitric oxide, and he discusses how polyp growth occurs. Dr. Belfor talks in detail about misalignment, airway and snoring issues, and more, including information on breathing systems. He expounds upon the various possibilities for care and treatment, and discusses how it is possible to ‘turn the genes on’ to get the body to respond, and improve its overall functioning. He discusses ‘toning the airway’ and some of the problems created because of snoring and sleep apnea.

In this podcast:

  • How to manage airway breathing issues
  • What causes polyps?
  • The important issues regarding nasal obstruction and breathing
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