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In this informative podcast, Dr. Alan Christianson, a naturopathic medical doctor and author, talks about diet, hormones, thyroid disorders and so much more.

Dr. Christianson discusses many of the topics he writes about in his book, The Metabolism Reset Diet. As a specialist in endocrinology, he has a particular interest in the study of thyroid disorders. Dr. C, as many refer to him, discusses the importance of living a balanced life and eating a proper diet, and he explains how many factors can have an effect on your hormones. He recounts his early life as a boy, and then teenager, who suffered from seizures, poor coordination, and obesity. His life, as he states, was a motivating factor for change and through it all, as he worked his way toward better health, he became passionate about particular areas of study such as thyroid conditions and adrenal issues.

The naturopathic doctor details his thoughts on thyroid issues and discusses the abundance of compounded thyroid medicines. He provides valuable information on T3, an important thyroid hormone that is a critical key to understanding thyroid functionality. And Dr. C provides further information on circadian rhythms, hormones, the important mission of iodine, and how a well-rounded, nutritious diet impacts so many issues within the body.

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