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When Damien Blenkinsopp set out to visit Thailand in his early twenties, he had no idea what was in store for him: the acquisition of an unknown illness resulting in a myriad of strange and scary symptoms that would take years to recover from, but that would also change the direction of his life for the better.

He visited countless specialists and bounced from hospital department to hospital department over the course of many years in search of a diagnosis and reprieve from his sickness, but it persisted nonetheless. Failure to find an answer through these means is what compelled him to begin his own investigation by collecting data from his body in every feasible way.

Part of this investigation included the creation of The Quantified Body podcast, which he used as a tool for accessing and connecting with a wide range of scientists and individuals who had conducted their own self-experiments in an attempt to find answers that the medical system just couldn’t provide.

Over the course of four years, Blenkinsopp mapped out his experience with different dietary approaches, and found that the ketogenic diet and fasting seemed to provide the greatest amount of relief from his symptoms. In response to this finding, he founded Ketosource, a website dedicated to providing others with the information and insights he’s learned throughout his journey, which continues to this day.

Tune in to hear all the details of Blenkinsopp’s incredibly unique story and his take on how to navigate the US and UK medical systems, the fasting mimicking diet, the power of data, and more. For resources, check out The Quantified Body podcast and visit

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