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In this interesting podcast, Anita Öst, Medical Faculty at Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden, details her thoughts on, and the current research in, epigenetic inheritance within humans.

Anita’s work is focused on epigenetics and the creation of innovative treatments for obesity and obesity-related diseases, etc. Anita provides a wealth of information on epigenetics, which is the study of various changes in organisms that are caused by modifications of gene expression. She talks in detail about the precise area of her study within the field of epigenetics—how offspring inherit information and thereby change their phenotype based on the parents’ environment, stress, etc.

Anita provides answers as to why starvation or stress causes changes, and she recounts stories and information on experiments with fruit flies that delivered new and important information on current theories related to epigenetic inheritance. She goes on to explain how weight affects flies in their experimentation, and how they, the researchers, can study fat by measuring a fly’s triglycerides. She discusses weight gain in their test subjects and how it affects offspring overall. 

The Linköping University scientist recounts experiments that they performed with humans related to sugar intake and overall diet, and she provides information on how it affected sperm motility.

In this podcast:

  • What is sperm motility?
  • What can the study of epigenetics tell us?
  • How can environment impact offspring?


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