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Gillian Szollos had always struggled with obesity, but it wasn’t until she began having seizures in 2014 that she realized something was really wrong, and that something needed to be done about it. The medications she was prescribed did nothing but worsen the seizures and produce unbearable side effects; she was at the end of her rope, and willing to try anything. That’s when her husband stumbled upon a seizure support group that introduced him and Gillian to the ketogenic diet. One of her doctors laughed it off as being effective only for children, while her other doctor had never heard of it; after just two weeks of adhering to a keto diet, Gillian was completely seizure-free and has remained so for four years now.

Unlike the pharmaceuticals she’d been taking prior–which caused horrific side effects–the ketogenic diet came with a 90-pound weight loss, increased energy, and the resolution of her pain associated with fibromyalgia. To this day, Gillian remains an outspoken proponent of the ketogenic diet, aiming to share her story and what she’s learned through her website, Keto for Life, which can be found at

Gillian touches on the importance of remembering that we are individuals with different epigenetic and metabolic expressions, stressors, and lifestyles and that these factors impact how any one individual will respond to the keto diet–even she’ll admit that it’s not for everyone.

Visit her website to learn more, and look for her at KetoCon this June in Austin, TX.

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