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In this podcast, Wolfram Zimmermann, lab researcher and distinguished professor at the University Medical Center Göttingen, discusses innovative technologies that are advancing heart-related medical options.

Professor Zimmermann provides an overview of heart failure and he talks about what happens to the heart. His respected lab is intensely interested in all research that pertains to remuscularization of a failing human heart as well as the development of engineered heart muscle (EHM) to be utilized for important clinical applications in heart failure repair,
and of course the discovery of regenerative therapies.

The professor provides a detailed analysis of his research, the lab’s findings, and their plans for the future. He talks in depth about myocardial tissue engineering and heart regeneration, and simulations of human heart pathologies.

Zimmermann provides further information on the development of their laboratory technology and how it can impact future studies and research. The research professor delivers a thorough analysis of the building of tissue and the many and vast regulatory requirements that play a role in their lab’s functioning. And Zimmermann discusses cellular elements and the transplantation of engineered tissue patches that have specific cells that can act as tools for cardiac repair.

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