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Anyone who has personally suffered from sleep apnea or knows someone who has may be all too aware of the challenges that can come along with the use of CPAP machines and masks. Too often, people prematurely discard this solution to sleep apnea after having a poor experience with their machine or mask. Sleep disorders technologist and well-regarded expert in the world of sleep apnea, Jason Sazama, joins the podcast to discuss a number of topics, including the most common and easily-fixable problems people encounter with the use of CPAP machines and masks.

He also discusses the difference between in-home and in-lab sleep studies and how to determine which might be best for you. He explains the critical difference between REM-specific and positional sleep apnea, and how identifying which you might have could prevent you from having to use a CPAP machine at all. Sazama has devoted his professional career to helping people help themselves achieve truly restful, healthy sleep. His YouTube channel has become a popular resource for countless people across the globe.

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