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In this podcast, Zack Abbott, PhD, Co-Founder of ZBiotics (, delivers an overview of his thoughts on acetaldehyde toxicity, and how probiotics work in protecting our health.

Abbott earned a PhD in microbiology and immunology from the University of Michigan. He holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, in immunology, classical art and archaeology. Abbott’s extensive background includes important work as a researcher, studying HIV vaccines and advancing new antibiotics.

ZBiotics, the company, building upon the proprietary technology created by Abbott, has produced the world’s first genetically engineered/modified probiotics specifically produced to break down a very toxic byproduct of alcohol—acetaldehyde. Abbott explains how their innovative product works to fight the negative effects of alcohol.

The researcher PhD discusses their product’s live bacteria aspect and how they engineered it to fight the negative effects of alcohol. Instead of producing the enzyme separately, ZBiotics has created a system to engineer probiotic bacteria to produce the enzyme from the beginning, inside the gut, thus transferring this extraordinary trait for acetaldehyde breakdown away from the liver to the probiotic bacteria. Wrapping up, Abbott talks about the future of his company, ZBiotics, and their new products that may help solve many problems, such as the issue of commonplace chemicals in alcohol and dairy products, to
seriously severe contaminants, such as radiation, and the detrimental health effects of lead in water.

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