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Due to regional hospital closures, many rural areas around the nation are left essentially void of viable healthcare infrastructure, requiring people to travel over 100 miles just to access a specialist that can see them.  This is time consuming, a financial burden, and for many individuals, simply not an option.  The mobile units of Clinics on Wheels are equipped with power, water, and a communication platform for telemedicine, so they can provide quality medical care curbside.  Because such care can be delivered in a way that is Medicare reimbursable, this is a cost-effective way of deploying healthcare infrastructure into communities.

Listen in to hear Tony Cowan, Director of Emergency Response Technology for Clinics on Wheels, explain the work being done to provide sustainable medical public health infrastructure to the communities that need it most.  From rural communities in resource deserts, to those suffering the aftermath of natural disasters, to those in the midst of infectious disease outbreaks in areas void of healthcare infrastructure, Clinics on Wheels has solutions.

If you would like to learn more, go to  You can check out their parent company, World Housing Solution, at  If you would like to email Cowan directly, he would love to hear from you:

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