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As an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, Dr. Steven Y. Park sees many patients with chronic issues, but it wasn’t until he started ordering sleep tests that he discovered many of these patients were also suffering from sleep apnea. Since then, he’s continued to collect data on the connection between sleep issues and chronic ENT conditions, high blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes, and digestive problems.

According to Dr. Park, breathing problems can be brought on by and contribute to a variety of factors, many of which could help us better understand, manage and treat common illnesses. He joins the podcast to discuss variations of apnea, how exactly it’s diagnosed, what happens physiologically during episodes of apnea, upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), fragmented sleep that involves restless legs and teeth grinding, how simple snoring can lead to apnea, and tips for handling different levels and types of sleep disturbances.

Tune in and check out his book Sleep, Interrupted: A Physician Reveals the #1 Reason Why So Many of us are Sick and Tired for more.

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