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Raymond McCauley, Chair of Biology at Singularity University delivers an engaging overview on the many ways biotechnology is impacting our world.

McCauley is the Co-founder and Chief Architect for BioCurious—a not-for-profit that allows bio hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and scientists to come together to pursue their mutual goal of advancing technology-based solutions for modern world problems.

McCauley talks about his work with Singularity, working with startups, Fortune 500 companies, governments, and other biotechnology-based companies. McCauley provides information on new, sometimes controversial, genetic engineering work and some of the ethical questions that are raised. He discusses the big issues, such as when a company works in a specific area of genetic engineering primarily for their own gain, could there be ways in which their work affects all of us in a potentially negative manner?

McCauley discusses food supplies and global diets. He discusses the world demand for proteins and meat and the costs to the planet. Thinking of it as a global problem, McCauley states that it is doubtful that the world will become vegetarian, but also doubtful that we’ll go so far as to chop all the rainforests down so we can have more grazing lands for livestock, thus we must find new ways to meet the food supply-demand globally. As it is a trade problem and also an ecological problem, McCauley states we have to think about it as such.

McCauley’s important and innovative work has been featured in Wired, Forbes, Time, and others, and he is a sought-after expert in the many areas of his scientific expertise.

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