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In this podcast, Dr. Christian Regenbrecht, the CEO of CELLphenomics, talks about 3D cell culture technologies, preclinical efficacy studies, and the changing healthcare landscape.

Regenbrecht was a student of biology and philosophy at the University of Bonn, pushed forward toward his postdoc with noted scientist, Hans Lehrach, at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genomics in Berlin, and by a young age was already fully immersed in the biotechnology field. From working on improved patient-derived in vitro models to 3D cell culture technologies, preclinical efficacy studies, and more, Regenbrecht was stimulated by the challenges within the scientific arena.

Regenbrecht provides an overview of the many innovations that are currently taking place at CELLphenomics. CELLphenomics offers researchers the ability to test compounds with a comprehensive screening approach. Regenbrecht explains the intricacies of cell culture. Patient-derived cell cultures, specifically, are novel multicellular systems freshly isolated from primary organs via mechanical as well as enzymatic dissociation. Within this system, cells grown on a proprietary matrix can grow as 3D organoids—composed of cell clusters preserving the composition of the original tissue.

Regenbrecht talks in detail about cell types in tumors, with information on colon tumors. Continuing, he explains the process by which some tumors could metastasize. Regenbrecht discusses the processes to isolate exosomes that are secreted into the cell culture. And as Regenbrecht explains, studying this information, researchers might be able to predict where the next site of metastasization could occur. The mission at CELLphenomics, as an in vitro service provider is to offer quality cell culture models at a fair price, and assist the biotech and pharma industries in the creation of innovative testings for new anti-cancer drugs.

In this podcast:

How some tumors metastasize
What are exosomes?
How the biotech industry is changing modern medicine

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