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The idea that there’s something in the gut which affects physical and emotional well-being stretches back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, but not until very recently has this idea entered the scientific realm in a serious way. A growing body of research suggests a mind-gut connection that’s stronger and more involved than previously thought.

On today’s episode, Dr. Emeran Mayer, gastroenterologist and professor of physiology at UCLA Microbiome Center, discusses brain-gut interactions, and how the microbiome affects our emotions and physical health.

Press play to discover:

  • How certain microbes might stimulate serotonin production, and how some of that serotonin is released onto vagal nerve endings which go to the brain
  • What causes us to feel “full” or reach satiety after a meal, and how microbes may influence this mechanism
  • Possible future applications of microbiome research in medicine and diagnostics
  • How Dr. Mayer’s current research seeks to bridge the gap between the findings in mouse studies and human studies on the microbiome, digestive diseases, and gut-brain interactions

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