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Richard Jacobs, entrepreneur and founder of The Good Night’s Sleep Project, discusses their AI-powered, custom-tailored pillow line that is creating a stir in the sleep industry.

Jacobs talks in detail about his own personal experience struggling to get good-quality, restorative sleep. For many years, he struggled with sleep – just like a lot of people do. Physician after physician simply told Jacobs he was stressed, anxious about his life and business. He was prescribed pills, and given all kinds of advice but nothing worked. Frustrated, Jacobs knew there had to be a solution, so he created it himself.

The Good Night’s Sleep Project has developed the world’s first handmade, custom-tailored pillow that has literally changed people’s lives overnight, as many of them experience the first restful night’s sleep they’ve had in months, possibly years. As Jacobs explains, we can all remember those days in which our sleep the night before was so restful that we woke up feeling full of energy and ready to take on the day. But for most of us, sadly, those days are few and far between. Jacobs talks about his own experimentation with nasal strips, new mattresses, humidifiers, head pillows, knee pillows, huggable pillows, and more. Sadly, nothing worked completely, though the combination of many things helped somewhat. After finding some relief but not complete relief, Jacobs focused on the pillow and sought to find a way to improve it. As he explains, he has a particular body type, with wide shoulders, so if he can get a prescription for glasses that are tailored specifically to his needs then why wasn’t there a pillow option on the market that could be tailored to his specific body measurements?

Jacobs decided to build the pillow. He began focusing on the ways that AI and machine vision could be integrated into his design process to extract customized measurements from people who were seeking a better night’s sleep. Jacobs’ app will take your picture and extract all the vital measurements that are needed to then custom-build a pillow for you and you alone. He states that when we sleep on our side, our back, etc., these various positions create potential problems for sleep, and thus Jacobs devised a process to deal with nearly every issue that could arise, so he could design and produce a pillow that really worked, and would provide a better night’s sleep for people.

The Good Night’s Sleep Project head pillow keeps your spine, head, and neck in an aligned position that prevents discomfort and allows for quality restorative sleep. Jacobs’ company is also developing customized huggable pillows that help keep the body in a good position so great sleep can occur. In addition, they are focused on a knee to ankle pillow that improves the lower spinal position and thus enhances comfort in a healthy, supportive manner. And lastly, a hand pillow which provides needed support for the arm and hand rounds out their full sleep line.

Jacobs talks about the future of their project, which will delve into mattresses and more—all with the unified goal of helping people sleep better.


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