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In this important podcast, Leah Segedie, the noted author of Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!), provides valuable information we can all use to eat and live healthier.

As a celebrated food activist, social media consultant, and author, Leah Segedie is an outspoken voice for change in the food and product world. Segedie is the founder of the Mamavation® community and has devoted much of her life to helping others, by educating us all on the importance of looking carefully at everything we eat and use. Segedie talks about her background, growing up with a strong interest in activism.

Segedie discusses many foods and products, focusing heavily on ‘indirect additives,’ which become part of some foods in tiny amounts, during the processing and packaging stages. Segedie explains how harmful elements end up in a wide assortment of food products that most of us purchase every week. Segedie discusses hormone-disrupting chemicals and how they can possibly, over time, disrupt our natural body systems.

The food and product expert talks about what we can do to push forward into a healthier future, as we learn to make more informed choices about our foods and the many products we use daily. Segedie provides an overview on the changing business culture, and how big companies have begun acquiring tiny and mid-sized companies that have great brands that are healthier. As she explains, big companies have taken note, and as their greatest fear is to see their market share take a dive, they are investing more and more into these smaller companies that have acquired loyal followings of consumers in search of healthier alternatives.

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