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Dr. Sivan describes some the basics and the intricacies of quantum computing. When you listen, you’ll learn about

  • the difference between classical computers and quantum processors,
  • the weaknesses involved in the quantum system such as the paradox between necessary binary isolations and interaction, and
  • how these systems may impact the future in technologies such as machine learning and AI.

Dr. Itamar Sivan is the co-founder of
Quantum Machines. His background includes extensive studies in quantum technologies and quantum-control systems. He obtained a master’s degree from Oxford University in quantum optics and the physics of cold atoms and his PhD was on quantum physics and quantum computing combined with an entrepreneurship angle. 

This discussion explores much of his present work as well as the tension between what quantum technologies are capable of accomplishing and what limits come in the delicate nature of the quantum-control systems.

His company, Quantum Machines or QM, develops the quantum orchestration platform. In other words, they develop hardware and software systems that run complex algorithms on quantum processors.

He explains that technology can be leveraged into running algorithms into pretty much any quantum processor. He also discusses the advances and challenges as the exponential power of the quantum system is not fully utilized.

He comments that the race for technology for the quantum world involves expanding processors to be bigger and more stable. Finally, he explains what these advances may impact and how everyday life might be affected. 

For more, see his company’s website:

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