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Geisinger’s MyCode program operated as a biobank until 2014, when in collaboration with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals it became a research effort involving whole exome sequencing on patient participant samples. They have since sequenced over 92,000 samples, many of which contained potentially medically relevant information warranting immediate changes to treatment protocols. In response, the MyCode protocol was changed in 2015 to allow for participants to obtain the results of their sequencing and address the associated medical concern, whether related to hereditary breast or colon cancer, dangerous arrhythmias, or cholesterol levels.

Erica Ramos, director, and head of clinical and product development at Geisinger, joins the podcast to discuss all the details of the evolution of the MyCode project, and the ways in which it may propel the use of genomic data in the general population and health organizations worldwide. The efforts at MyCode are currently focused on examining how genomic results are being delivered to and received by patient participants, whether chatbot technology could be utilized to deliver results and facilitate understanding among patients and patient families, how genomic data can best be used by primary care physicians in their treatment of patients, and how to roll out genomic sequencing into the general population.

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