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Many of us enjoy—or even rely on—a cup of coffee as a part of our morning routine, but few understand what goes into each cup as well as Mackenzie Wells, a professional coffee roaster who has spent the last four years in the industry, building an impressive body of knowledge and honing her skills. On today’s episode, she gives us a look into the science of coffee roasting and coffee roasting techniques, explaining everything from the types of heat sources used for roasting to one of the latest trends in coffee (and alcohol): barrel-aged coffees. Interested in hearing more? Tune in for the full conversation, and on the advice of Mackenzie Wells, learn more about coffee in general by simply stopping by your local roaster. In today’s podcast, you’ll discover:

  • How coffee is decaffeinated
  • What goes into creating a light versus dark roast
  • What it really means when a coffee is said to be of a “single origin”
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