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Entrepreneur and host of Future Tech and Future Tech Health podcast, Richard Jacobs, has interviewed over 120 sleep experts and explored an unending interest in all things health and technology. In his personal life, he’s struggled to achieve consistent quality sleep, and has had a particularly difficult time finding the right pillow for him—one that doesn’t quickly lose its integrity, fail to keep his neck aligned with his body, and ultimately leave him feeling unrested and in pain the following day.

There are all kinds of sleep pillow products on the market—some which boast to have the best material for sleep, others which integrate all kinds of electronics and AI tech within the pillow itself. But according to Richard Jacobs, the solution may be quite a bit simpler than it seems. As the founder of The Good Night’s Sleep Project, Jacobs has created an AI-powered and truly customizable pillow that’s designed based on 14 different measurements of an individual’s face and upper body. All that’s required from the customer is a photo submission—it’s that simple.

In today’s episode, Jacobs discusses the details of the pillow, the feedback he’s received, the importance of spinal alignment during sleep, and the impact of sleep on overall health.

Tune in for the full conversation and visit to learn more.

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