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When Billy Price was just 18 years old, he endured a life-changing event that left him paralyzed from the neck down, and with significantly reduced dexterity in his hands. Maintaining independence was important to him, as it was a defining characteristic before the accident that changed everything. But he didn’t want to just create a product that would help people with disabilities adapt and retain independence, because he knew all too well the consequences of being “that kid” with a different wardrobe or accessories that weren’t desired by the mainstream public.

This is what led him to become the founder of BILLY Footwear, a company that’s revolutionizing the footwear game with a shoe that zips down completely, allowing you to drop your foot into it rather than shove and maneuver it in. It’s a simple design, but the reasons for its use are wonderfully complex.

Tune in for all the details, and find your own pair by visiting or visiting one of their many partner websites.

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