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Dr. Thaddeus Gala, Founder and CEO of Complete Care, delivers a riveting overview of his work in integrative medicine.

Dr. Gala is a skilled chiropractor who has given many of his career years to the goal of improving health and wellness for all. He is a sought-after lecturer on multiple topics related to wellness, including general nutrition, weight loss, management of diabetes, and more. Dr. Gala’s research has been published nationally and he is the successful author of notable publications such as the popular, “The Secret to Defy Disease and Decay,” cookbooks, and other works.

Dr. Gala talks about the events that motivated him to become passionate about wellness and natural medicine. As Dr. Gala recounts, his mother faced a serious illness that doctors had trouble explaining, but one that put her into a wheelchair. Frustrated by the fact that doctor after doctor offered little to no help to improve his mother’s condition, Dr. Gala devoted his life to find better solutions for people suffering from chronic diseases, to help them naturally reverse their diseases without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr. Gala talks about his integrative medical clinics and his desire to be actively involved in his patients’ care.

The natural medicine expert delves into the topic of inflammation and he explains how it happens. He explains how inflammation is the body’s natural response to something it considers to be an injurious type stimulus. He details multiple examples and outlines the body’s processes. He talks about the many nutritional problems people suffer from and goes into detail about the choices we make that impact our overall health.

Dr. Gala is a strong supporter of lifestyle changes as a means to reverse disease. His philosophy is based in the whole person approach, one that proposes we should be investigating the deeper underlying causes of body disturbances to root them out, and make lifestyle adjustments that will help push the body back to a healthy state and normalize body function.

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