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Fifty percent of dogs [over the age of 10 years old] will develop cancer. So, what can we, as pet owners, do about it? Dr. Barbara Royal, an integrative veterinary medical practitioner based in Chicago, joins us to discuss what we can do to help our beloved pets live their best and healthiest lives. In this podcast, Dr. Royal focuses on how providing a balanced, natural diet for our pets can help reduce their risk for certain diseases and medical conditions. By looking at what our pets’ ancestors ate, Dr. Royal helps us understand why some modern-day pet foods may be hurting our pets in the long run.

Dr. Royal’s practice in Chicago sees dogs, cats, and other small animals, but Dr. Royal also has experience as a wildlife and zoo veterinarian. In this episode, we hear about how Dr. Royal has applied her holistic approach to veterinary medicine to treat many types of animals, from cats to camels. Learn how focusing on improving your pets’ diet may also have unexpected benefits for you, too.

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