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In this thorough and informative podcast, P. Shannon Pendergrast, PhD, Chief Science Officer at Ymir Genomics (, provides an overview of biomarker identification techniques and his company’s work.

Dr. Pendergrast earned a PhD from the Rutgers University Waksman Institute of Microbiology in Molecular Genetics then went on to pursue post-doctoral training at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. As a scientist, executive, and entrepreneur, Dr. Pendergrast seeks to utilize all his experience to help in the fight against disease.

Dr. Pendergrast discusses their company, Ymir Genomics, and its long range mission and goals. Ymir Genomics delivers advanced tools that can support the discovery of biomarkers from biofluids. Dr. Pendergrast discusses their work and important discoveries, including the rapid method for isolating extracellular vesicles, extracellular RNA, and/or extracellular protein, straight from urine samples. The researcher provides extensive information on extracellular vesicles (EVs), which are membrane-derived vesicles that can be released through various cell types, such as hepatic stellate cells, hepatocytes, and of course immune cells, in normal, and pathological, conditions.

The science CSO explains how they study and compare proteins via the use of mass spectrometry. And Dr. Pendergrast discusses their work studying liver-specific vesicles, stability issues, exosomes, and so much more, highlighting how they can work with structures, proteins, and RNA.

In this podcast:

  • What can we learn from biomarkers?
  • What are extracellular vesicles?
  • The importance of proper biomarker identification techniques
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