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Kevin Hrusovsky, President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Quanterix (, discusses the innovative work his company is engaged in, and the future of biotech.

Hrusovsky is a seasoned biotech entrepreneur and engineer who has been passionately pursuing the transformation of medicine from reactive care to preventative medicine over his extensive 30-year career. For Hrusovsky, healthy living and peer-reviewed science that addresses health and disease issues on a molecular structure level in the body is what motivates his work. Hrusovsky launched the Global Health Summit Series to specifically promote innovation in disease eradication processes and practices, in his ongoing mission to promote global health.

Hrusovsky talks about his company and their mission, a company he states is “at the crossroads of technology and healthcare.” He discusses their technology, and how they have developed a means to look into the blood and see proteins in a way that was never before possible, to differentiate a single protein in a field of grass, with that field of grass being the size of Alaska. That’s some deep detail, indeed. It’s “rocket science on the blood” as he describes. He explains the important biochemistries that their technology allows researchers to discover and study, to develop new insights on health and disease.

Hrusovsky explains how they can utilize AI and algorithms to help researchers see proteins, which allows scientists to see things in the blood that were once impossible, which can lead to prediction of disease years before it occurs, etc. By seeing disease at the earliest stages possible, pharmaceutical research can bring these people in and work towards solutions. As he states, it’s much easier to beat a disease early on, than later after it has taken a firm hold in the body.

Hrusovsky talks about empowering individuals to manage their own destinies by observing their own biomarkers and staying aware. Quanterix’s digital health product, Simoa® provides researchers a unique opportunity to examine critical biomarkers for cardiology, oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, and more.

Hrusovsky has been a featured guest on a multitude of media, from ABC’s Good Morning America, and all the other major networks, such as NBC, CNN, CNBC, CBS, and NPR, as well as in top publications and online sites: Scientific American, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Wired, Fast Company HuffPost, The Guardian, Boston Globe, and many more.

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