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In this podcast, Dr. Sam Rodgers, Medical Director for Medichecks, discusses his company’s mission to provide efficient, easy-to-use, quality blood testing to everyone.

Medichecks has connected the top pathology laboratories with groundbreaking consumer technology to provide blood testing that is easy to use and increases efficiency.

Dr. Rodgers talks about his company and its history. One benefit of their system, he states, is that Medichecks can provide greater convenience, with multiple options for collecting blood samples (an at-home finger prick or the standard doctor’s office venous method). It’s easy, and the results are published online in a private-access site for you to see, and they come with a doctor’s report. As Dr. Rodgers states, the service is easy to use and provides tremendous convenience for all patients, athletes, health-enthusiasts, or anyone who just wants to know more about their body/health indicators.

Dr. Rodgers touts the many benefits of their system, such as early results before a physician or clinic visit, and accessing results that can help people to make lifestyle changes to improve their health. And by making better choices they may be able to avoid future health problems.

The doctor goes on to explain how different types of people can use their platform to improve health and performance. Individual goals such as living longer, improving daily wellness, working out harder, etc., are some of the many reasons why people are turning to the Medichecks system to gather important health information.

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