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In this podcast, Dr. Barry Raphael, orthodontist and head of the Raphael Center for Integrative Education, talks about breathing issues and disruptive sleep.

Dr. Raphael has devoted his career to orthodontics and the improvement of breathing and sleep. His center, the Raphael Center for Integrative Education, focuses on many issues such as airway-centered dysfunction and early treatment techniques. Dr. Raphael’s notable accomplishments in his field have made him a sought-after educator and authority on sleep/breathing issues.

Dr. Raphael provides a detailed overview of sleep and the reasons behind sleep disruption, explaining the process of air intake while we sleep, and the issues that can create negative pressure. He outlines how the diaphragm can distribute air perfectly throughout the lungs, but airway issues sometimes can disrupt this perfect process that our bodies are designed to do. He discusses what is known as ‘turbulence,’ which is a kind of ‘swirling’ of the air as it moves throughout the body. And this swirling can create negative pressure, and when our airway sidewalls flutter it creates the noise that we have come to refer to as ‘snoring.’ Snoring is one of the obvious signs that negative pressure in the airway is taking place.

The orthodontist discusses nasal issues and airway ‘narrowing’ that can affect our breathing. Further, he talks about sleep apnea, how it disrupts good airflow and the various ways the body tries to adapt to get air. Dr. Raphael discusses airway conditions and disorders, specifically sleep apnea, which he explains can stress organs. Continuing, Dr. Raphael talks more in-depth on apnea, and he outlines how it often comes from a protracted history of breathing issues during sleep.

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