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In this podcast, Gregory Kuehn, President and COO of Prescient Metabiomics, talks about his company’s innovative work in colorectal cancer treatment, as well as their development of a stool test for cancer.

Kuehn earned his MBA from the University of Colorado, and a BS from the College of William and Mary in molecular biology as well as computer science. Kuehn discusses Prescient Metabiomics’ work researching how the microbiome can be used to predict or associate with various diseases.

Kuehn explains their mission at Metabiomics, a pioneer in the development of human microbiome and advanced metagenomic technology. Prescient Metabiomics’ innovative and important research has lead to the development of a non invasive stool test for the early detection of colon polyps and colorectal cancer. Their developments are based on intensive examination of the human gut microbiome. Kuehn provides an overview of their work in inflammatory bowel disease that eventually moved them to research methods to possibly prevent colon cancer.

Kuehn discusses the microbiome in detail, explaining the complex relationships that the microbiome has with the human body overall. He explains biomarkers, discusses toxins, and gives his thoughts on the functional relationship between the gut microbiome and human health in general.

In this podcast:

  • Cancer development, and early predictors
  • How the microbiome can help provide insight into possible future diseases
  • Cancer detection / stool tests
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