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In this informative podcast, Toshihiro Shioda, MD, Associate Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School, provides an overview of the current research in cellular biology, with a focus on primordial germ cells.

As a noted researcher, Toshihiro Shioda, MD, Ph.D., has devoted a great deal of his life to the study of cellular activity and cellular processes. Shioda’s lab researches a vast array of important scientific areas including the role of estrogens and antiestrogens in human breast cancer. Shioda and his team have a particular interest in primordial germ cells (PGCs).

His research team studies how primordial germ cells share similarities to common, natural germ cells. And Shioda’s research may deliver a working model that could facilitate the analyzation of germline epimutations. The Ph.D. researcher discusses the details of chemotherapy and its impact on both sexes. Additionally, he cites various research regarding epigenetics. By using the leading tools available to them, Shioda and his team hope to deliver effective germ cell models that will be viable for cancer research as well as other areas of study.

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