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In this informative podcast, Paul Turner & Robert McBride, the co-founders of Felix Biotechnology (, provide an overview of antibiotic resistance and what Felix Biotechnology is doing to combat it.

In this podcast they’ll discuss:

  • How targeted biotherapeutics may solve the antibiotic resistance problem
  • The antibiotic resistance problem—should we be worried?
  • The many and varied regulatory hurdles biotech companies combat as they seek to bring products to the marketplace

Felix is a groundbreaking biotech company that is developing important biotherapeutics to target critical microbial challenges in an effort to improve human health and medical options. Turner & McBride talk about the ever-changing biomedical field, detailing the dire and widespread problem—traditional antibiotic failure.

Antibiotic resistance is an expanding problem globally, and Felix is working hard to find ways to curb this problem before it gets out of hand. They explain some of the older technologies that they are currently updating. One major goal they are devoting time and resources to is the development of specific viruses that can attack and kill bacteria, to give the medical community better options in combating the growing antibiotic resistance crisis. 

The biotechnology experts talks in depth about antibiotic sensitivity, and they provide information on some of the more troubling bacterial pathogens. Continuing, they provide further information on bacteriophages or phages as they are also known, which are abundant organisms in the biosphere, a very common feature of prokaryotic existence, and the key to their ongoing work.

The entrepreneurs discuss some of the difficult regulatory hurdles they have faced thus far. And they talk about the importance of gathering critical clinical trials data, and how that will be beneficial to getting their phages developed and released into the medical industry.

Wrapping up, the research executives discuss the cocktail approach in treatment and therapy, why development biotechnology companies fail, and how they seek to position Felix for success in the market.

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