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In Copenhagen, Denmark, citizens have been warned: don’t drink the tap, and don’t even brush your teeth with it, as it has been shown to be highly contaminated by dangerous pesticides. Could you imagine if that were the case in your own home? Unfortunately, it could be. Concerns about water safety are spreading, and rightfully so; while the majority of people assume that the tap water in their home is being continuously monitored for safety, in many regions of the world, water is only being tested once every couple of years.

Jafar Noori is a member of the team at Intelligent Pollutant Monitoring, and he joins the podcast to discuss why it’s so dangerous to allow large gaps of time to pass between testing water, the specific health effects of the most common pesticides found in drinking water, and perhaps most importantly, what we need to do about it now. Specifically, he discusses the details of a new project he’s working on, which is the creation of a water monitoring device that will test drinking water on a truly continuous basis, delivering results to municipalities every millisecond if desired.

He discusses the ins and out of how the device functions, the potential for it to become available for individual consumers, and the long-term goals he hopes to achieve with this new device.

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