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In this powerful and important podcast, one that we all need to hear, Dr. Gerardo Ceballos, respected Senior Researcher at the Institute of Ecology of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), discusses critical global conservation efforts.

Dr. Ceballos holds multiple degrees: in Biology from the Metropolitan Autonomous University Campus Izatalapa, Mexico; a master’s degree in Ecology from the University of Wales; and a PhD in Ecology from the University of Arizona. Additionally, while at Stanford University, Dr. Ceballos worked closely with Professor Paul R. Ehrlich, one of the most important ecologists of the modern era.

Dr. Ceballos discusses his research program that addresses the conservation of ecosystems and species, and the critical connections between conservation and development. Dr. Ceballos explains how he and his contemporaries in the scientific community are dealing with pressing conservation and extinction crises around the globe. Dr. Ceballos talks about the crucial habitat requirements of various endangered species and how it is essential to safeguard their protected areas.

Dr. Ceballos talks about his efforts to nudge public policy to work harder, and faster, toward conservation. He discusses the diversity of the Amazon forests and explains how many species there are already endangered or about to become so. And the scientific researcher states that as more and more species become extinct, the impact of human activity on their extinction is crystal clear.

Dr. Ceballos talks about where the consensus lies between various governments regarding what needs to happen in order to salvage species, curb extinction crises, and tamp down the rapidity of climate change. Sadly, he states, many governments do not seem to grasp the severity of these global crises.

Dr. Ceballos is a type C researcher, which denotes the highest ranking in university hierarchy. He is a member of the Mexican Academy of Science and a type III Researcher in the National Researcher System (SNI). His passion for finding a solution for environmental problems has made him a noted voice in the conservation movement.

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