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Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, founder and CEO of Diet Doctor (, delivers an informative presentation on the nutrition to health connection.

Dr. Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor who specializes in family medicine. As founder and CEO of Diet Doctor, Eenfeldt leads a team of forty coworkers. For more than ten years, Dr. Eenfeldt has maintained the biggest health blog in Sweden with a tremendous following, and he is the author of a best-selling book on nutrition that is now available in eight languages. Throughout his extensive career as a family physician, he has treated many patients with low-carb, high-fat diets and has helped many people with obesity and type 2 diabetes. With a sense of urgency to get his message to a larger audience, Dr. Eenfeldt sought new opportunities to spread the word thus Diet Doctor was born. Diet Doctor is growing daily and is the largest low-carb and keto website in the world, now with more than 350,000 visits daily.

Dr. Eenfeldt discusses how nutrition is not really a major focus of study in medical school curriculums, and as such medical students interested in the nutrition to health connection must largely study it on their own. He talks about the effect of nutrition and diet on individuals as they age. With conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure, diet becomes even more important he states.

As their mission states, taking back your good health in an often-unhealthy world requires some critical thinking, and acting differently. We must put our trust in science and nature and avoid the fads and quick fixes. Changing lifestyle choices and increasing good nutrition can truly make an impact almost as quickly as you begin, but it takes dedication. Diet Doctor seeks out the most credible, trustworthy science and practical knowledge about health, and provides it to readers and subscribers in an easy, interesting manner. Their goal is to make low carb an option for anyone who wants to give it a chance and see a difference, to empower people to tune into their health and make positive changes. For as they state, regardless of any attempt to do so, you cannot outrun a bad diet.

The Diet Doctor CEO talks about successes he is proud of, as many patients are able to decrease or discontinue certain medications when their test results show that his methods have brought their lab levels back into normal ranges. Dr. Eenfeldt talks about the many ways that his website provides valuable information and options for individuals, and he discusses some of his hopes for the future in healthcare and nutrition, including a possible clinic that can offer direct community outreach.

Dr. Eenfeldt discusses some of the current trends in the diet and nutrition area. He talks about the fallacy of fats, and how avoidance of natural fats is not a good thing. He discusses the trend of moving back to natural fats such as real butter and eggs, and the trend of moving away from the concept of calorie counting. He states that calorie counting doesn’t work. But with a low carb diet, when you remove the sugar and remove the starch, people tend to eat less spontaneously, and the benefits naturally occur. And with a low carb diet that drives insulin levels lower, the body burns excess fat more easily.

The Diet Doctor discusses hormonal changes and how it affects a low carb diet. He cautions against empty calorie drinks and foods that offer no nutritional value. Additionally, Dr. Eenfeldt provides his analysis on aging and hormonal issues that can certainly make the challenge of maintaining the weight of our youth a bit more difficult. But Dr. Eenfeldt is a firm believer of the view that as long as our health is good and we feel great, it may be best to accept that our bodies have changed outwardly somewhat. Our health is the most important thing of all, and nutrition is the key to reaching optimum health. Ultimately, diet and lifestyle are the essential key elements to achieving good health, and Dr. Eenfedt is dedicated to the mission of bringing quality health education and methods to everyone.

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