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Your heart seems to be racing and skipping beats, your anxiety is through the roof, and you’d do anything just to feel comfortable or “normal” again; this is what many people experience after consuming too much THC, and it can be traumatic enough to scare some people away from the substance for good. With the increasing presence of dispensaries, it seems the science behind THC-infused edibles has become sharper, and many people are under the impression that one THC-infused gummy is guaranteed to contain a specific amount of THC. However, Latham Woodward explains that this simply isn’t the case. In fact, there’s really no way to know whether the gummy you’re about to consume is super-saturated with THC. But Woodward also explains his solution.

As the CEO of Shoogies, Woodward set out to create a THC and CBD-infused product that was backed by the finest engineering and the most rigorous testing protocol in order to guarantee users a specific amount of THC, and that’s what he’s done. The product being offered by Shoogies is a sugar-based THC and CBD-infused product that is guaranteed to contain five milligrams of THC, and can be used discretely in your coffee, tea, margarita…you name it.

Tune in for all the details on this exciting new product, and check out for more info.

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