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In this podcast, Dr. Kevin Boyd, pediatric dentist, provides an overview of his medical theory called Darwinian Dentistry, based on the study of the many prehistoric fossil remains of our human ancestors.

Dr. Boyd details the history of evolutionary medicine, including information on some of the true early pioneers of medicine who studied modern diseases that related to cultural industrialization. Dr. Boyd explains how people adapt over geological time to their slowly changing environments. He discusses the changes to the genome, and provides examples of mammals that experienced sickness but survived—the basis of evolutionary fitness.

Dr. Boyd talks about tooth decay and he explains why we now need orthodontists, and when that concept first entered the human experience. He discusses his concept of Darwinian Dentistry, that brings together his theories, evolutionary medicine, and his 20 years as a pediatric dentist.

Dr. Boyd discusses the benefits of early orthodontics, such as widening the jaw and airway, and he talks about the volumes of evidence that demonstrate many kids perform better in school, experience behavioral improvements, and even stop wetting their beds, after orthodontic procedures are performed. Continuing, the doctor provides additional information about the problems that can be caused by crowding the airway, and how early orthodontic procedures might prevent many potential future problems.

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