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“Why do we let people die without accessing technology that in both research and offshore use…shows promise?” That was the question that Elizabeth Parrish found herself asking in 2013 after her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and her inquiries about stem cell and bio-banking resources were immediately shut down as experimental medicine and therefore inaccessible. This compelled her to begin a journey for patient advocacy.

She’s now the CEO of BioViva Science, a company that doesn’t just accept the status quo human lifespan, but instead explores new technologies for improving the length and quality of human life. Specifically, they’re doing this by developing a new gene therapy that creates upregulation of genes that improve cell function and prevent characteristic signs of cell aging. She joins the podcast to discuss the process of aging, how BioViva’s technology works to improve what the body already does naturally, the effect of myostatin inhibitors and telomerase inducers on the body, the problem with approaches taken by mainstream medicine, and so much more.

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