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“B.E.S.U.P.E.R” is the acronym that denotes seven actions meant to help families through what can be the most challenging, heart-wrenching time of their lives: dealing with a child cancer diagnosis. MaxLove Project was founded by Justin Wilford and his wife after their four-year-old son Max was diagnosed with an unclassified brain tumor, leaving them in terrifying, unfamiliar territory with no clear plan for the future.

Throughout their journey, which included emergency brain surgery, a month of recovery in the hospital, and long periods of out-patient chemotherapy, Wilford and his wife met many parents who were going through the struggle with them, wondering how they could improve both the day-to-day quality of life for their child and the long-term outcome. Wilford, having recently graduated with a doctoral degree in Geography, reached out to as many physicians and researchers as he could in order to answer this question, and it wasn’t long until he began asking how he could go about sharing what he’d learned with others who were taking a similar journey.

Founding MaxLove Project was his answer; aspects of the program have been implemented into several hospitals and become an enormous source of support and information for parents and children alike. Press play for an inspirational conversation that details every aspect of the program, how it has taken shape over the years, what’s on the horizon, and for an update on how Max—now in the sixth grade—is doing. Visit to learn more and get involved.

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