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In this podcast, Katie Hasson, PhD, Program Director, Center for Genetics and Society, delivers an interesting overview of the current state of gene editing, and the ethical and legislative issues that pertain to human biotechnologies.

As the Program Director on Genetic Justice for the Center for Genetics and Society (, Hasson works to advance the conversation on gene editing and biotech. The Center for Genetics and Society is a nonprofit social justice organization that seeks to steer society toward a future in which human genetic and reproductive technologies will collectively benefit everyone in an ethical and safe manner.

Hasson outlines her role at the Center for Genetics and Society. She discusses where the current discourse is, regarding human gene editing, touching on groundbreaking advances such as CRISPR (clustered regular interspaced short palindromic repeats). Hasson explains how gene editing types differ, from treatments designed for actual patients to solve their existing medical issues, versus the more controversial gene editing that can affect traits of future generations. She discusses the many and various ethical and safety issues, social concerns, and the efforts the international community is making to come together on their thoughts and principles regarding these new technologies.

Also, there is this link for a session about CRISPR Consensus:

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