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Jason Andrew is the CEO of Limelight Health (, and a health and technology innovator and visionary. Andrew discusses Limelight Health’s goal to deliver the most efficient, compelling quoting and underwriting platform for the employee benefits industry.

Andrew’s extensive background as an agent in Silicon Valley where he was engaging daily with game-changing technology motivated and inspired him to launch innovative tools for the health insurance industry. He is an experienced startup entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems in health insurance, health education, and wellness industries.

Andrew is a recognized health insurance and health reform expert and sought-after leadership advisor in the industry who excels at bringing key individuals together to solve complex problems and innovate. Notably, Andrew served as CEO and founder of Stone Meadow Benefits & Insurance Associates, CEO, and co-founder of Coverage Partners, VP business development and co-founder of PK4Tech, and as VP and managing producer of Lawson-Hawks Insurance Associates.

The healthcare and technology expert discusses the current state of operations in his industry. He states that many facilities are utilizing systems and platforms that are 20 or 30 years old and are simply antiquated, unable to keep up with the changing times and technologies. He discusses some of the problems in the industry and underscores how communication between industry players is critical. And he explains the importance of using API data. API, which stands for application programming interface, allows a service or product to talk to other services or products. Therefore, an API allows data and functionality to be introduced or opened up to other developers and businesses, and it is a common way in which companies exchange their data and services.

Andrew discusses the stage of their production and funding, and his expectations for the future. He states they have customers using their products and more and more companies are coming forward to overhaul their outdated systems, which increases efficiency for companies and consumers alike. He discusses the ratings of various plans from dental to life to health, and how their platform allows for a better grasp of products that are available.

Limelight Health’s mission and primary goal is to deliver ongoing industry innovation and provide time-efficient, current, accurate data to the industry and health community at large. Through their work with comprehensive quoting and decision support, Limelight Health is able to generate successful, fluid end-to-end integrations with the most current technologies.

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