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Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s…the list of age-related diseases goes on and on, and while many of us consider these to be essentially inevitable at one point or another, Elizabeth Parrish disagrees. As the CEO of BioViva, her focus is on the effectiveness of regenerative gene therapies for diseases of aging and childhood diseases. “When we’re looking at a regenerative therapy, we’re talking about one treatment that affects all of the diseases of aging, and each one of the treatments we look at also has the effect of treating a childhood disease,” says Parrish.

It sounds too good to be true, but there’s science to back it up. She explains her own experience taking the first two gene therapies developed by BioViva, one of which was a myostatin inhibitor to increase muscle mass, and the second a polymerase inducer for telomere extension. Detailing the biological function and mechanism of each, she explains the importance of undergoing such therapies before we get sick—not after.

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