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Kevin Kastelnik and Guillaume Gautier are the innovative founders of dreaminzZz. This podcast will provide valuable information regarding sleep and hypnosis as they discuss their visionary product, HYPNOS, an all-new way to deeper relaxation for achieving goals and falling asleep faster. Find more information online at their website:

Kastelnik discusses his own personal issues with sleep and how early on in his life he discovered that poly-phasic sleep, the practice of sleeping multiple times throughout a day, truly worked for him, to keep him on task, but feeling great.

He explains how his interest in sleep led to the establishment of the company and ultimately to their development of HYPNOS. HYPNOS is a connected hypnosis mask specifically designed to assist with access to modern hypnosis as it applies to wellness, service, health, and fitness.

The groundbreaking innovation allows its users to experience hypnosis synchronized to advanced visual and motion simulations that offer multiple benefits. And remarkably, HYPNOS users often fall asleep three times faster.

Kastelnik and Gautier explain how it works—providing light and vibration that are connected via the mobile app. Once connected, users can choose their area of focus, whether it’s stress reduction, relaxation, combating fear or pain, etc. The hypnotic suggestions aid with falling asleep, as well as achieving goals/objectives. Kastelnik and Gautier detail the stories in the app, and how the hypnotic suggestions are initiated. Sleep disorders and stress are the primary areas that users typically express concern about, and fortunately, HYPNOS can help with both.

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