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For 23 years, Cali Estes, PhD has been working with all types of people struggling from all kinds of addictions—from heroin or cocaine or alcohol, to food or shopping or pornography.

She discusses the following:

  • What type of signs to look for in yourself or others in order to determine whether there is likely a problem with addiction
  • What is meant when someone is said to have an “addictive personality”
  • Why traditional methods of treatment and recovery often fail or don’t work for people


Dr. Estes works with a wide range of individuals, from the ordinary person to the NFL athlete to some of the most popular celebrities, all of whom struggle in one way or another with some type of addiction. It is her belief that addiction cannot be resolved simply by getting a person to remove the addictive substance or behavior from their life, but by digging deeply until the root cause of addictive behaviors is uncovered; only then can an addiction truly be addressed.

She discusses why many conventional approaches to recovery don’t work for a lot of people, and what’s wrong about the fundamental assumptions such programs rely upon.

Dr. Estes’ approach is a combination of several methods, including talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, life coaching, addiction coaching, motivational interviewing, and techniques that address brain damage from years’ worth of substance use.

She discusses how she helps people with her Sober On-Demand program, and proprietary uses of a machine which repairs damaged receptors in the brain. Dr. Estes truly takes a holistic approach to each and every client, addressing their personal and unique needs and goals.

In her opinion, the goal isn’t just to be sober or free from addiction: the goal is to be happy while sober, and happy while free from addiction.

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