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Superbugs are emerging as a major health issue, but OpGen has developed technology to identify and catalog antibiotic-resistant microbes. In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why identifying bacteria in a matter of hours instead of days through effective pathogen detection will make a tremendous difference in treatment. 
  • Why DNA testing is more specific and accurate in handling antibiotic-resistant microbes.
  • What illnesses and medicines this genomics testing targets, such as urinary tract infection antibiotics.

Emergency room diagnostics for issues such as urosepsis will make huge leaps with a technology that gives specific pathogen detection information within a matter of hours. This means crucial information at hand for an effective decision on urinary tract infection antibiotics. Mr. Jones explains how this faster and more accurate technology will therefore save lives.

The overuse of antibiotics and resulting resistance often puts doctors in a bind, caught between over or under prescribing “just in case” a patient has a certain type of infection. Unfortunately this means patients often take something too weak or too strong for what they need. OpGen’s genomics and informatics attempts to stop this cycle, handing over pertinent and timely information through effective pathogen detection.

Respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia face a similar cycle and OpGen is working on the same genomic and informatics technology to tackle this medical diagnosis process. Mr. Jones expects their technology will be available for use by medical professionals by the end of 2020.

For more, see their website at and follow them on twitter: @OpGen.

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