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Rachel Burke, the ketogenic enthusiast and founder of Aussie Keto Queen (, discusses the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. Burke’s journey to better health was a long one, as she spent many of her earlier years battling weight, feeling uncomfortable with her body, and being unhappy about it all. From the tender age of just 10 years old, she began weighing herself and struggling with her weight issue. She spent a significant amount of time, unfortunately, experimenting with this diet plan and that diet plan, magic diet shakes and pills that really weren’t so magical, along with massive amounts of exercise, but nothing seemed to work for the long haul. It was all of these years of frustration that finally brought her to nutritional ketosis—which was a game changer. After she made the decision and stuck with it, keto transformed her life. Burke describes how she reached her goal weight even sooner than she expected, and how she has more energy than ever before. In addition, when checking with her doctors through the process she found that the ketogenic lifestyle was not only helping her to lose weight but that her overall health markers were improving too. Burke is living proof that you are what you eat.

Burke recounts how she was so satisfied with her results that she wanted to share all that she had learned, through her exhaustive research, with everyone. She began posting her favorite recipes and helpful tips online, which led to the site she currently inhabits,, which is full of helpful information for those who want to find their own success. With tens of thousands of visitors to her site on a regular basis, it’s clear that there is a keen interest in the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. She discusses the importance of mindset. As Burke states, changing one’s mindset is perhaps the most important step, and it is not something that happens for everyone immediately. For some, it takes time, a gradual change, but committing to the nutritional life change pays off in the end for those who are ready to make a difference in their diet and health.

Burke talks about how, in Australia, that doctors and nutritionists are now beginning to advise patients and clients about the possible benefits of switching to a ketogenic diet. She discusses the options people have when eating out and trying to stay focused on their ketogenic diet. And she expects that perceptions will continue to change as ketogenic options become more widely offered everywhere.

The nutrition and health advocate states that it is really all about finding what works for you as an individual considering your own body, lifestyle, work, and timetable, etc. Burke provides an overview of her site’s recipes, the types of foods she prefers, and also what she recommends. From the basic meat and veggie options to sweeter options, her website offers something for every keto-conscious eater. And while she does not recommend many sweets, she includes some sweets recipes as the keto community appreciates a full range of food options. However, as Burke states, when people really take on the keto nutrition lifestyle and are eating ketogenic regularly, they often find their taste buds change a bit and begin to taste the natural sweetness in foods more obviously. Some have found that this effect is so pronounced that they no longer crave traditional sweets.

Burke discusses her future plans for ketogenic consulting and what she is excited about. She states that the ketogenic lifestyle’s impact on her friends and family has been so profound that she is determined to bring all that she has learned to a wider audience, and help everyone reach their personal goals for health and wellness.

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