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Metabolites: there are tens of thousands of them in the human body, and metabolomics is an attempt to study all of them, including how they interact with the human body and what role they play in the biochemical processes of specific diseases. There are many processes in which metabolites play a crucial role, and according to Martin Giera, Ph.D., the most interesting aspect of metabolites is the plethora of cell-specific signaling functions they have, resulting in different levels of control, intertwined processes, and an immense level of complexity.

As an associate professor at Leiden University, Dr. Giera’s research is focused on clinical metabolomics, and he joins the podcast to offer an insightful conversation about current research and the latest changes in the field, including big pharma’s interest in the metabolomics approach to diagnostics and treatment, the role of the microbiome in metabolism, and how the case for personalized cancer therapy is bolstered by the metabolic profiles of different cancers. Press play to learn more and hear the full conversation.

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