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In this important podcast, Nicola Beer, award-winning relationship psychology and transformation expert, discusses healing pathways to combat trauma, improve relationships, and improve our lives. Beer is a leading authority on save your marriage techniques that work.

Beer has dedicated her life to helping people repair, renew, and reinvigorate their relationships. For over ten years, Beer has helped women and men all over the world to live better lives by working on their relationships and dealing with past traumas. Beer’s empowered love program has helped so many people bring a higher level of positivity into their busy lives.

Beer provides an overview of her interesting background and journey toward a career in relationship psychology. Beer discusses some of the specific needs of her male and female clients, from separations and divorces, to deep emotional issues and traumas. And she talks about the ways that she helps couples through their difficulties. She talks about big issues such as guilt, communication, and more and provides information on the times within a relationship that can bring about problems, and how partners cope.

Beer is a prolific writer and has co-authored international best-sellers and is a sought-after guest speaker. She has been featured on various media outlets, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Wall Street Select, and HuffPost.

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