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“A little west goes a long way,” says Andrew Walker, echoing the slogan of the company he and his wife founded about six years ago. With just one brick and mortar shop in Los Angeles, California, Little West is a favorite among those seeking a variety of superfoods alongside the company’s main focus: locally-sourced and nutrition-packed juices. The menu includes 14 different no-sugar-added, cold-pressed juices packed with minerals, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory roots with varying levels of sweetness to meet anyone’s preference. They also offer a variety of cleanses and kits, some for beginners and some for those seeking more advanced, “master” cleanses.

Walker discusses the details of the Little West juice-making process, the differences between each cleanse offered and why one may be better suited for some individuals than others, the importance of preparing for and coming off of cleanses, the benefits of small-batch cold pressing versus the methods used by most other juice bars, and the connection between food sensitivities and gut health.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Tune in and visit to order from anywhere in the nation.

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