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Have you always had a passion for the world where biology, technology, and design intersect, but never had the access to a lab or the mentorship necessary for truly engaging in it? If so, you’re not alone: communities of people who are driven by a desire to learn, create and explore the biotech and design space are popping up globally, and Genspace is one that seems to be leading the way.

On today’s episode, Director of Science Education at Genspace, Beth Tuck, discusses what it’s like to be a member of Genspace, enjoying 24/7 access to a lab for furthering your own interests and research projects, engaging in meaningful conversation about the implications of emerging biotechnologies, and learning in hands-on fashion from some of the greatest experts in the fields of biotech and biological design. Tune in for an enlightening conversation covering all the details of Genspace and the creative members who make it what it is.

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