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It’s easy to tell when your heart is pounding, but it’s not so easy to detect the more subtle changes in your heart rate that occur throughout the day as you encounter stimulus after stimulus, or even as you entertain thoughts that bring you a sense of sadness, anger, or happiness. Gavin Andrews is the managing director of HeartMath, a company that uses heart rate variability (HRV) as a tool for measuring and better understanding physical and mental health, as well as tracking the body’s ability to appropriately and healthfully respond to the environment.

The HeartMath system is composed of a number of techniques that can be used to put you in a space where you feel in control of your emotions and patterns of thought, rather than overwhelmed by them. Andrew discusses a number of topics, including how and why HRV is a useful measurement of physical and psychological health, patterns in HRV that can be detected in chronically stressed (either mentally or physically) individuals, and what he’s learned from using HeartMath strategies for the past decade. Tune in for all the details and learn more by visiting


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