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In this podcast, Dr. Abby Johnson, Postdoc Associate at the Knights Lab, University of Minnesota, talks about nutrition, gut bacteria, and a healthy gut diet. Dr. Johnson earned a Ph.D. in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota.

Podcast Points of Discussion:

  • What can we do to change our microbiome?
  • The connection between diet and the microbiome
  • What impacts bacteria in the gut?

Dr. Johnson’s focus has been primarily on the relationships that exist between diet and the microbiome in general. Dr. Johnson’s interest was piqued when studying in Chicago. While there she engaged in learning about various gut issues and factors, such as fats in the gut, bowel disorders, and other diet/gut issues. Dr. Johnson explains how what we eat can change the bacteria in the gut. 

The research doctor discusses the kinds of foods people eat, and the microbes that are within foods. Can we change the stability of the microbiome? Dr. Johnson’s research asks this question and more. Continuing, she talks about diet, discussing macro and micronutrients, and the composition of the foods we eat regularly. What are they composed of? She explains this and more as she provides information on phytochemicals and fiber compositions in foods.

Furthering her discussion, she talks about some of their studies and the data they gathered from logging the diet and nutritional intake of their diverse study participants. Dr. Johnson explains nutritional status in hospital patients and the interesting effects on the microbiome. 

Dr. Johnson states that the same food in different participants had various effects in some of their studies and that responses to foods were varied from person to person, providing proof that a specific individual’s microbiome may respond differently to foods. She discusses shifts in eating patterns, and how shifts could affect your gut microbiome. 

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